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What is Real Time?

Real Time is the ability to click on a button from a client file in your agency management system or comparative rater for immediate access to carrier information on that client. The transaction may be a quote, billing inquiry, claim inquiry/loss runs, policy view, endorsements or a request for information. This approach provides a single workflow for servicing or quoting.

The benefits of Real Time are substantial for agencies.

For example, with Real Time, insurance agencies can:

  • Use a single, consistent workflow for multiple carriers, saving time and money.
  • Process policy transactions from the client’s file, including billing inquiry, quotes, policy views, endorsements and documentation.
  • Manage claims from the client’s file, including claims inquiries, first notices of loss and loss runs.
  • Log on to carrier websites and systems automatically, so staff doesn’t have to remember and enter individual IDs and passwords for each carrier.

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