Bob Slocum,
Slocum Insurance Agency


About Us

We’re a group of agents and brokers, carriers, technology providers, user groups, and agent and industry associations that have united to advocate implementation of Real Time and Download interface applications by automated independent agents, insurance carriers and their technology providers.

Through this industry collaboration, we will educate the industry about the benefits of using Real Time and download. Those we are targeting:

  • Agencies and Brokerages not using Real Time and/or Download.
  • Agencies and Brokerages already using Real Time, to encourage them to increase its use and to provide feedback to vendors and carriers to help refine workflows.
  • Agency principals/owners.
  • Agency service personnel (i.e., CSRs and systems administrators).
  • Insurance Carrier leaders, to urge them to:
    • implement Real Time and/or Download, if the carrier hasn’t already;
    • expand Real Time and/or Download to more transactions and lines of business; and
    • promote and educate agencies about Real Time and Download.