Paul Peeples,
Florida Association of Insurance Agents

Paul Peeples

From a Leap to a Spring

If you remember, last winter we held our first-ever National Real Time Day. It was February 29, Leap Day 2012, and we asked you to take a leap forward with Real Time. You did! And I thank you for that. Rather than wait four years until Leap Year occurs again, we came up with a new date—and a brand-spankin’ new (to us) theme—for National Real Time Day.

It’s April 9—the first full month of spring—and we want you to “Spring Forward with Real Time” this year!

We’re building out a great agenda—and a stellar line-up of agents, brokers, users groups, vendors, carriers and others who can help you move your agency toward greater efficiency and profits.

We’ll have more specifics before long, but we wanted to make sure National Real Time Day 2013 was on your radar.

So pull out your calendar and mark April 9 as the monumental day. Here’s a snazzy save-the-date video you might want to check out and share with others. I’m not dancing in it like I was in this one, but it’s still worth a look!

We also want to make sure we have lots and lots of carriers, vendors, users groups and others making presentations about Real Time and Download. If you are part of one of these groups and want to get involved, shoot me an email at I’ll have one of my friends (who can type much better than I can) get back to you right away.

Oh, and don’t forget to “Like” my Facebook page. It’s a great way to stay informed!

Thanks. And stay warm.

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